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Role of Ventripoint in meeting the COVID-19 challenge

VMS+ offers a key aid for diagnosis  of patients presenting with suspected/confirmed COVID-19 and also in the ongoing management of care, a critical need with the current tsunami of heart disease related to COVID-19

Ventripoint's VMS+ is an ally in meeting the COVID challenge.

50% of people with COVID-19 have heart dysfunction, even if they have only mild-to-no symptoms.  CNN's Covid Tracker estimates 400 million Covid cases worldwide as of Feb 14, 2022.


COVID-19 Long-Haulers

Current estimates are that 15% of COVID-19 patients will become Long-Haul patients. 

Echocardiogram departments were already near capacity prior to COVID-19 shutdowns.  43-month backlog for imaging procedures in Canada.  VMS+ is needed to help ease backlog.

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