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VMS+ software can be installed on any personal workstation.  Create a 3D model of the heart 's chambers with the use of any commercially available 3D echo or MRI images and obtain reproducible and accurate volumetric measurements and ejection fractions.   

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  Simplified and Guided Workflow


The VMS+ software  provides a step-by-step workflow that enables clinicians to perform acquisition and analysis with minimal training. 


Acquire your images

Import your MRI or 3D echo from your PACS.


Place points

The 3D Echo is displayed in the 2D screen. Select points from the structures table.


Run Calculations

3D model appears in the 3D screen  and volumetric measurements and ejection fractions  can be reviewed.

Software for 3D Echo and MRI. 

Convenient Solution.


*Any references to names are for demonstration purposes only.

  Tool of choice.   


Software can be installed to any personal office work station within minutes and imaging analysis can take place anywhere and anytime after a patient undergoes a cardiac MRI or 3D echocardiogram.  


Generates qualitative measurements for all 4 chambers of the heart with reliable accuracy. Has shown to generate accurate results with poor quality images.  The  technology platform is applicable to all heart diseases for adults and pediatrics. 

Rapid Analysis

Analysis only takes about 15 minutes. Thus, accommodates high patient loads. Allows one to closely monitor a patient's heart and make early diagnosis and

treatment decisions.  Thus, improving patient care and outcomes.

Talk to a representative to learn how VMS+ can be used to aid in more accurate volumes and ejection fractions so you can follow patients with confidence.

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