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Ventripoint Diagnostics Ltd. is dedicated to developing quality, smart tools that help solve the immediate needs of our healthcare clinicians,  and most importantly improves the clinical experience for our youngest to oldest patients.   

Driving Growth on a Global Scale


Increase penetration globally

Increase sales by leveraging distribution channels of GE Healthcare and other major distributors.  We recently entered into distributor partnerships with CardioLogic Ltd. and AngioPro, both leading  distributors of medical devices for cardiac care in the United Kingdom and Europe. We are in discussions with other major partners and distributors to expand our market reach.

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Heart disease affects 10% of the estimated 89.7 million dogs in the United States. That’s why Ventripoint has entered into a collaboration with the Veterinary Hospital at the North Carolina State University (NCSU) to test and evaluate the use of the VMS+ in echocardiography of canines with the goal of expanding this technology to all animals, including the 85 million cats in the U.S. which suffer rates of heart disease comparable to dogs

Diversify our product portfolio

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Enhance product offering

Continued innovation. 

Listen to the voice of our customers.  Develop and refine the VMS+ product with an aim to simplify the workflow and provide better reliability and precision for both clinician and patient.

Reduce subjectivity by minimizing human error and improve standardization of analysis.


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