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Investors Overview

Ventripoint Diagnostics Ltd. is a medical device company that is primarily engaged in the development and commercialization of cardiac diagnostic tools.  It sells its products worldwide.

Our Vision

Elevate cardiac care. 



The Next Evolution of Whole-Heart Imaging

A Pivotal New Tool for Managing and Monitoring Cardiovascular Disease

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women worldwide. Presently, there is an acute need for fast, affordable, and highly accurate 3D visualization of the heart to provide better early diagnosis and treatment. Heart damage from COVID-19 has escalated this need to critical levels.

Pioneers in AI for Whole-Heart Imaging

Ventripoint's patented, FDA cleared VMS+ technology is the first and only cost-effective diagnostic tool to measure the volume and function of all four chambers of the heart. It is uniquely able to evaluate the heart's right ventricle, which is particularly difficult to image and analyze with conventional ultrasound. 


VMS+ connects to standard ultrasound machines, the world's most widely used cardiac imaging technology. The system generates 3D images of the heart with accuracy equivalent to the more time-consuming and expensive MRI, the current gold standard for heart imaging. 


Ventripoint Chairman, George Adams, has been instrumental in founding over 30 companies which have raised $100 million. He was the World Economic Foundation Technology Pioneer for 2007.  

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Fast, Reliable Whole-Heart Imaging

The VMS+ is a diagnostic aid that was developed to provide a point-of-care solution to better communicate the heart’s structure and function without the need for MRI.


VMS+ enhances ultrasound, providing a faster, more reliable, and more accurate 3D technology that allows for better visualization of all four chambers of the heart. The VMS+ system connects to standard ultrasound machines, the world’s most widely used cardiac imaging technology. The system’s proprietary Knowledge Based Reconstruction (KBR) technology creates 3D models of the heart and calculates volumes and ejection fractions with accuracy equivalent to the gold-standard MRI.


Projected Market Growth of 66% Over Seven Years

The global ultrasound equipment market is projective to grow from $7.80 billion in 2021 to $12.93 billion in 2028. The COVID-19 pandemic, with its associated damage to the heart, has brought this need to critical levels. Covid "long-haul" heart damage will fuel this demand for years to come. 

Allied with General Electric Healthcare 

Ventripoint is allied with GE Healthcare to integrate with their ultrasound devices, providing access to a 42% global market share in cardiac ultrasound. GE dominates the ultrasound sector, operating in 160 countries with 480,000 ultrasound units worldwide. 

We are in discussions with other major partners and distributors to expand our market reach.



global market    share with GE

Financial Reports

Latest financial information

Financial information

"Ventripoint has gained traction in sales in its key markets and continues momentum as we pursue our mission to improve the lives of patients by providing better, simpler, and intelligent tools that give clinicians more accurate information and solve their immediate needs."
Alvira Macanovic, PhD
President & CEO


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