Leverage more from your echo with VMS 

No disruption to your workflow.


Efficient workflow that Integrates seamlessly into yours so that you can focus on what matters-the patient.   

Harness the power of KBR.

VMS+ is designed to create a 3D model of your heart from your echocardiogram and allow you to obtain real time clinical data within minutes.  Obtain accurate results that does not require “perfect images” or a skilled sonographer.

View a 3D model of the heart.

Our proprietary Knowledge Based Reconstruction (KBR) algorithm leverages a MRI shape catalogue and anatomical landmarks from standard 2D echocardiogram images to construct a complete 3D model of the heart. 

Fast, accurate, and

reproducible measurements.

Obtain volume and ejection fraction calculations for RV from sparse data.  The mean percent difference between VMS and MRI results are within ±10% for EDV, ESV, and EF with a 95% confidence*. 

*ClinicalTrials.gov Identifier: NCT01557582

Results in 3 easy steps.

Integrating the VMS+ into your workflow is quick and easy.  Analysis takes minutes. The system simply needs the images collected in a typical 2D echo exam and is compatible with any commercially available 2D ultrasound system. All files generated by the VMS+ can be stored in PACS

Acquire images.

Records the ultrasound images from a video output of the 2D ultrasound  and tracks the ultrasound transducer’s 3D spatial coordinates and orientation via our sensor during  echo scan.



Place points.

Points are placed on the images to mark the position of anatomic landmarks. No tracing is required.  Takes just 5 minutes to complete.

Generate Results.​

Volumes and ejection fractions are then calculated for the ED and ES phases of the cardiac cycle and the 3D heart can be viewed on different planes.


Guided Workflow.

*Any references to names are for demonstration purposes only.

Watch as we take you through the step-by-step guided workflow that enables clinicians to perform acquisition and analysis with minimal training.

Innovative sensor tracking system.

This small , innovative device is attached to the ultrasound probe via a small adaptor. Enables patient repositioning during the examination without affecting the results.  

Insights into the heart's structure for all conditions.

Having the ability to view the heart in 3D will enable one to provide continuity of care and make decisions on real metrics as cardiac conditions progress.

Rastelli Repair

Pulmonary Hypertension

Ebstein's Anomaly

Double Outlet Right Ventricle

Tetralogy of Fallot   

RV to PA Conduit

Interactive 3D content.

The system is designed to allow the clinician to view the 3D model of the heart in the context of the 2D image planes in order to appreciate nuances in the structure and function of the patient’s heart which sometimes cannot be captured or interpreted alone from 2D echocardiograms.

*Any references to names are for demonstration purposes only.

Remote install. 

Immediate and quick set-up.

The VMS+ 3.0 has been adapted to be immediately operational and integrated in the hospital's infrastructure.  

Want to talk to us about VMS +?

Talk to a representative to learn how VMS+ can be used to aid in more accurate volumes and ejection fractions so you can follow patients with confidence.

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