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Powered by KBR. Accuracy of MRI.

The VMS+ is a diagnostic aid that was developed to provide a point of care solution to better communicate the heart's structure and function without the need for MRI. The VMS+ marries the ingenuity of the cardiac MRI and Echo with the power of Ventripoint's KBR technology.  KBR enables you to construct a 3D model of the heart and calculates volumes and ejection fractions for all chambers with an accuracy comparable to the MRI.  

Intuitive. Accurate. Reproducible.


Build confidence in your cardiac measurements.

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VMS+ Software

for 3D Echo & MRI  

Workstation solution.

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Want to talk to us about VMS+?

Talk to a representative to learn how VMS+ can be used to aid in more accurate volumes and ejection fractions so you can follow patients with confidence.

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